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Your feedback is very important to us.  Let us know how you enjoyed your massage experience

It was amazing services from Nikki yesterday. I believe she was the one I was looking for returning service but could not remember. I think she enjoyed too.
On August 26. 2022


Elisa was excellent. thanks ...
On August 02. 2022


She was very very good 😊 thank you.

on  July 26. 2022


Thank you and the masseuse! If you can give me his name I would like to come back again in the future and book him again. ☺️
Thank you! ☺️  I feel great. 🥰

On July 02. 2022


 Nikki &Elisa
Hi…just want to say thank you to the two girls,
they were excellent. Great 1st visit. I’m embarrassed to say I forgot the name of the girls, may I ask for next time reference pls? 😊
On June 17. 2022


Good morning, Elisa is so wonderful. So pretty, smart and loving!!
On June 08. 2022


Sienna very good. thanks!
On May 29 . 2022


Thanks very much.
Good service !!👍🏻

On May 29 .2022


Elisa is very nice. She is a good masseuse and fun. Ok sexual but she is great at selling the experience. When she looks at me or talks to me, it's like she is my girlfriend.
On May 09 .2022


 Nikki is very nice. Nice body that expats like. Tall and and not too slim. She is fun and sexual but shy and mechanical. I have been with her 3 times and I think she is charming.
On May 09. 2022


Sasha is good 👍🏼 Next time again!
On May 09.2022


Good service. I like ... thanks!

On May 07 . 2022

Last time the massage was so relax!
yes very good.

On May 04. 2022


Hi  - hope all is well.  I just wanted to let you know Sasha gave me an AMAZING massage the last time.  I was very relaxed afterwards and I have been feeling good lately. 
On April 30. 2022

Thank you. Nikki is a lot of fun. Thanks her for me.
On April 29.2022

Good services.
Good lady!

On April 22. 2022

Sasha was very good. Thanks for arranging.
On April 23.2022

幫我謝謝Sienna ,

On April 21. 2022

Hi~上次光顧體驗幾好,喜歡你們的環境和音樂你地tg channel暫停update嗎?thanks!
On January 09. 2022

Thanks.That was lovely !

On January 03.2022

John is a sweet man thanks him so much !
On December 23. 2021

Just wanted to thank for an excellent massage today. Please let the masseuse know. I forgot her name so please let me know her name so I can book next time. 😀

On December 23.2021


 please tell Elisa I appreciate her service, it was very nice.
On November 17.2021

Had good experience the other day. Who do you have today?

On November 02. 2021

Thanks to Elisa for good service.
And when I left what’s the name of the girl waiting on the couch?

On October 31.2021

Anna is good .thanks !
On October  27.2021

I was very happy to see Sofia today.  She’s such a sweetheart! 🤗 Thank you!
On October 24. 2021

Thank you - Nikki was very good yesterday 😍
On October 06. 2021

good service ! will keep coming in the future days

On October 02.2021

I highly recommend a couples massage with a male and female therapist.
  There is nothing more enjoyable than a couples massage when the therapist massaging my GF  is a respectful handsome guy. She enjoyed very much...

On October 01.2021

 I liked his energy and his touch is very caring and he was enjoying himself.👍🏼
On September 28.2021

 Thank you, holly's massage yesterday was very nice
On September 27.2021

 I recently got up the courage to have a guy massage me, and it was fantastic.
  He was professional and polite. His firm hands were wonderful and he was just sensual enough for me to feel excited but he alway respected my boundaries.
  I’m going back again soon !

On September 25.2021

My wife and I often enjoy a couples massage.
at the Angelhands we had a fantastic experience with male and female therapists.
The guy massaged my wife respectfully and professionally, his touch was firm and very relaxing she felt excited and was very pleased. ( I enjoyed watching her relax and smile😍)

On September 16.2021


Thanks! Good service by Elisa today!
On September 07.2021

So good!! She is really good at massage!
Love the service today.

On September 03.2021

Thanks last night was good, the girls were very friendly.
Do offer extra services for longer booking next time?

On August 27. 2021


I was there today at 1pm , and had a wonderful time. When I left there was a stunning girl in reception. Filipina maybe , I will come back if she would be interested.  Thankyou😁
On August 26. 2021


 Nikki and Elisa they are good.
I like your company.

On August 23.2021

Good service provided by lani.

on June 05. 2021

You surprised me and was amazing
So relaxed.

On May 28. 2021


Thanks for your great service again.

On May 28. 2021


Great. a second visit in one week, you are providing a very good service.
Thank you for your help.

On May 26. 2021


 I had a satisfying time with Elisa yesterday.
She has a stunning body.
Who was the other lady at the spa yesterday?Does she also offer massages?

On May 26. 2021


I had visited your spa yesterday and I had Elise and Nikki’s to do 4 hand massage for me. They were both amazing sweet and skillful. It was one of the best experiences that I ever had in my life - so far ! Looking forward to book another session with them in the near future. They are both very attentive and soft and extremely good customer service. Well trained and very professional ! I enjoyed my time very very much. Thank you to both Elise and Nikki 🥰
On May 22. 2021


Hi Angelhands
I would like to say that I am very grateful that he found you and your angles. Sometimes is hard to balance the needs of those in our lives. That why I appreciate not just the service you provide, but also the friendship that comes with it. Hope we can meet one day. Until there take very good care of my precious delicious hubby because he deserves it.😉😘😁

on May 21.2021


Very good thank you!!
Nita so good as usual.
next time need her friend to join.😍

on May 21.2021


好正,enjoy holiday. thanks very much .

On May 19.2021


Elisa & Nikki
Hi thank you for the service yesterday and we enjoyed it very much .
Can I know the names of the girls yesterday? Next time we would like to get the same.

On May 19. 2021

 please thanks Lani. she was fantastic. elegant girl . best experience of tantric touch !
On May 3. 2021


Very good today.
candle and music really helps relaxed. always trust your recommendation.

on April 25. 2021


Always happy to come and relax and your spa is the best, service is fantastic!
on April 22. 2021


 What s the name of the therapist today? She is really nice and caring.
ya Elisa is very caring . I will want her again.

on February 25. 2021


I had a massage with Nikki last time, just to let you know she is absolutely fantastic.
My best experience ever...

On February 12. 2021

Thanks for  sent me a beautiful girl Elisa! She’s soft. kind and so helpful.
After a stressful day her massage helped me to relax and feel so good.
She came to my flat and was on time and made me feel very comfortable.
I Look forward to seeing her again in my place.

On January 27. 2021


Great massage from Nita. was very relaxing thx for organising.
Was also nice cuz she is still mid 20s
Good age!!!

On January 21. 2021

Nita & Gisele
thank you very much.
amazing experience with all of you !

On January 16. 2021


 It's fantastic Holly. Sophie really take care of me. Her touch is so tender and sensual. Already planning for another 90mins session with Sophie next week.
On January 14. 2021

Thank you so much I had great time .so beautiful !

On January 13. 2021


Elisa & Shasa
Had a lot of fun last night - massage was really good !

On January 3. 2021


Thanks very much. Elisa service really has tantra massage feel...
On November 31.2020

Hi, I really like Sophie.  She did great job.  Hope to see her again!
On November 27. 2020


 Sophie was amazing ; wonderful girl with excellent tantric massage skills 😁🙂😘
On November 18. 2020

I recently visited Angelhands Spa and had the opportunity to be served by Nikki. It was after my job interviews and there was a lot of tension throughout my body and in my shoulders. Nikki was very skilled and polite. Great attitude. She made sure to clarify where my soreness were before proceeding. The whole experience was amazing: therapeutic, intimate, tender, relaxing. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and would definitely return! Strongly recommend the  90mins session to get the no-rush feeling.
On October 25.2020


On October 9. 2020

Nikki was very comforting and patient during the massage. She was able to find the areas on my legs which were a bit sore and she was able to really take good care of the muscles. She can easily sense where the body has any stress or tension and help to relieve it. After the massage my muscles really felt more relaxed. She gave a very comforting and enjoyable massage experience. Highly recommended.
On October 1. 2020


Yes. A lot. It was perfect. She very kind, respectful and soft hands,  Angel hands I would say😉

On September 12. 2020


Very good service thank you.
She is very good at the massage.
and pretty good English too!

On September 10. 2020


I’m glad you talked me into trying a 4 hand massage with you and your beautiful staff
It was a fantastic out of this world experience!
You were both unbelievably in relaxing me and making me feel alive again after our long quarantine!
I’ll be back soon.

On September 8. 2020


My husband and I enjoyed the sensual couples massage you and your staff professionally provided for us recently.
We will invite you again soon to our home so we can again be respectfully relaxed by your “angel hands”
See you again soon.

On September 4. 2020

Wow!!  I feel like a new woman!!  I finally got up enough courage to get a massage and Jojo’s firm and tender touch was like going to heaven. I’ll be back soon!!
On July 10. 2020

Hi. I am Ben. Just came to see Lily and Elisa. Very! Very good!
On July 7.2020


I just enjoyed the most fantastic, best 4 hand massage at your shop.
Jojo and her partner were respectful, cheerful, polite and very professional in making me feel relaxed and comfortable
I will definitely be back for more of Jojo’s tender care!!

On July 2. 2020

Sandy’s full body to body oil massage was fantastic!! Too good to be true!!!
On June 30. 2020


My wife and I experienced our fist couples massage.  We have been married for over 25 years and we both felt like teenagers again. Very exciting to share a sensual massage with my wife!!
On June 27. 2020


Hi, just want to thank you for Elisa and Lily last evening. They were very nice and we were very comfortable with them. We will be back in a couple of weeks. Michael.
On June 20.2020

狀態交付按摩師,我必須完全信任她,而且她也掌握我的喜惡,在這個基礎上,我便放心將身體完全釋放,在享受整個過程,我希望身心也與按摩師結合,她的每 個手勢都觸動到我心靈,讓我在寧靜中完全享受感官⋯⋯
焟燭,音樂,簡直fantastic !

On June 17. 2020.


This virus problem has really stressed me out. Your skilful massage has given me hope that everything will soon be okay. Thanks for your tender re assuring touch.

On June 12.2020


Hi Elisa,
My girlfriend and I really enjoyed our couples massage.  Thanks for being so respectful and making us relax and enjoy your massage .  Your professional firm massage was fantastic.
We are already talking about coming back to see you again

On June 9. 2020


I’m so glad I finally found a massage company that welcomes ladies
On June 9. 2020

Today after Sandy massaged me I realised that a “ladies touch” is more relaxing than having a man massage me.
I’ll be back soon for more of S
andy’s tender massaging

On June 8. 2020



On June 7.2020


My frd said must return again

On June 6.2020


Please thank Shasa, that was amazing.
On June 3.2020

Hello again. We had couple massage on Saturday. You sent Elisa and Shasa. Maybe you remember. We really liked the service. Now we are looking for more … Can you help us with that?
On May 29. 2020


Please tell lily that was the best massage I had ever 😂😂
It's been a very long time with no massage . Lots of stress. your shop is the best !

On May 26.2020

Hi Elisa
Your gentle professional massage was exactly what I needed to relieve my stress. I’m glad I finally found a safe. private .clean spa for ladies
I’ll be back next month!

On May 23.2020

She was delicate, really sweet and simply good... Will come back I'm so relaxed and in peace 😘

On May 20.2020

Last night was fabulous. My wife and I enjoy the couples massage that SaSha& Lily gave us
We relaxed and feel warm and wonderful. We are definitely coming back for more!

On May 15.2020


SaSha is so nice. very good service. thanks! her large breasts and tender hands are a perfect combination for complete bliss.
On May 12.2020


Elisa   —  ladies work just as hard as men!!  Now I know where ladies can go to “de-stress” their minds and body!!  Your Respectful massage with candles and music was FANTASTIC!!
On May 10.2020


I’m so happy your shop is open again!!  Elisa’s massage was better than ever. I’ll be back soon to catch up on the long shut down time. 🤪🤪

On May 9 .2020


Hi, the service by lily was really good. Looking forward to the other ladies available next time.
On May 8.2020


Dear S
Thanks for your kind arrangement.
Please say thank you to Lily! She is really nice, sexy and professional!
Don’t know when can visit again. Wish the virus could gone in a short time!
Stay healthy and be safe!

On April 2.2020


 I am a shy lady and never knew were to go to get a real “complete “ massage I am so happy I came to your shop it is clean and comfortable and perfect. I am definitely going to recommend you to all my girl friends who are anxious to try but don’t know were to go   You made me feel like a new lady!
On April 3.2020


Sandy’s body is sexy and fit she made me feel fantastic
When I come back to HK I want her again. She is special.

On March 29.2020

Elisa is definitely the best !!
Her massage is perfect and always kind and gentle and never in a rush. Her body is sexy and her attitude is fantastic....

On March 23.2020


I have become a regular customer because you always have great ladies that are respectful and great service. Thanks for providing good service. I’ll be back!!!
On March 19.2020



我帶著疲倦的身心走進Angelhands, 妳給我整個人完全放鬆,從頭到腳感受妳指尖的溫柔,出色的按摩手法,使我的肩膀頸項的繃緊得到紓緩,原本的身心疲累被徹底照顧著,令人難以忘懷,我慶幸身體和靈魂都被妳抓住,感覺好幸福,多麼幸運!
On March 16.2020

Hello, Angelhands
Thank you for Elisa and Sandy services.
We appreciate it. Their an excellent profesional to make happy the massage.
Today will return to home we a beauty experience.
We wish the best for you enterprise and her workers.
Thank you very much.

on January 10.2020


Thanks for your recommendation!
Sandy is fantastic with good service. She is little bit shy but really nice and beautiful girl. Really enjoy her service!

On January 8.2020

Amy was amazing
Guess she also enjoy it
A little bit shy but a really nice and great girl with an amazing body
Good recommendation.
Thx for this moment

on January 3.2020


Hello! Thank you for making arrangements for a taxi. I really enjoyed the session it was relaxing and enjoyable
I will come there to come again ha ha

On December 6.2019


Hi Elisa, I feel so much better after your massage! Tkx again. See u next time. 

On December 4, 2019

Elisa was magnificent!!  Thank you!!
She is beautiful, sexy, a good masseuse, gentle, warm and never once mentioned cash!!

On December 2, 2019

It was great. Lovely girl. Very good massage. Really really good. Thank you.

On December 1, 2019

Thank you. Sasa is lovely. You are a good company. Sasa says you are nice.

On December 2, 2019

Jessica was excellent. Thank you.

On December 4, 2019

Sandy was fantastic thanks 🙏

On November 27, 2019


So small and such strong hands! Fantastic!!
Thank you 😊 She said I have drink more water. She is probably right! You’re taking very good care of me, ha ha…

On November 6.2019


Jassica is a very nice girl. Really enjoyed her services! Thank you very much!

On November 1.2019


Wow Jassica was lovely and amazing. Thank you 🙏🏼 Tomorrow maybe need another massage 😆

On October  19.2019​


Hi my dear
Jessica was really fantastic and I totally follow your recommendation so sensitive and really nice boobs
guess she also enjoyed it😍🥰😘 

was a great time
can't wait for the next ones 🥰
really a lovely girl. great choice. looking forward to the next time.. have a good night😘

On October 17.2019

Hello, yes, both very good massages, thank you, I would like to book Sasha this weekend and will be in touch to arrange, I am back at ICON hotel at the weekend.
On October 13.2019


Thank you, ladies, for a  magical experience and very soothing massage .it was amazing .and has helped to relax me from the stresses and work life in  Hong Kong .looking forward to the next time .

On September 30, 2019

Tantra - women

"Yes, I really enjoy the service tonight. See you next time! I really like the location of your studio. The place is really private and makes me feel safe.
Thank Elisa so much for her service tonight! She is a very nice lady 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻"

On August 25, 2019

"Sofia is very good. Can I extend to 120 min? "

On August 26, 2019


On August 21, 2019

Thanks for the great massage today!  Thanks also for recommending Sofia. She is a wonderful girl.  A little shy, which I love, and great hands! I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

On July 3, 2019


I was very happy with Elisa yesterday. Who is available tomorrow night whom provides the same good service?

On June 8, 2019

Angel嘅service真係好正😍雖然比其他地方稍貴, 但是物有所值👍🏻

On Jun 2, 2019

Tantra Massage - Had an excellent massage. I was very pleased that the room was quiet with very soothing music playing. Very exciting girl, with strong massage skills, overall an excellent experience.

On May 28, 2019

Thanks for the great massage today.  Mandy and Paige are lovely girls and such fun.  I felt comfortable right from the start....until the finish!!  Your shop is wonderful, great atmosphere.

On May 25, 2019


Excellent and friendly service, love the result, love my therapist, Mandy. She knows what she is doing.  When your service is good people will come

On May 24, 2019

Elisa - thank you very much. I feel much better.

On April 20, 2019

Great visit to your new shop today.  Thank you for recommending four hands – Zoey and Elisa were fantastic.  Great massage from two elegant girls. Thanks. 

On April 8, 2019

Thank you very much excellent service. Elisa was great. ... I will look when I have another chance to enjoy your services before I leave.  Elisa was a good ambassador for you.

On March 2, 2019

Elisa was really quite nice and polite girl, So cute and soft and emotional. Really a good girl.  Enjoyed it and was confirmation that I did the right choice with you also.

looking forward for the next time.

On January 7, 2019

Perfect! Super massage with Elisa, very professional, see you next time i'm in the city

On December 23, 2018

Mandy - Perfect! ... Thanks again, Mandy was great!

On Oct 31, 2018 at 22:21

Daisy - Daisy was a really good and nice girl! Thx for the service, I'll do it again.

On Oct 27,2018 at 22:33

Lexi - Just finish very professional massage, very relax the muscle and kind lady, Thanks a lot!

On Oct 12, 2018, at 20:50

Mandy & Elisa (4 hands) - Great service, we will use again for sure, just the thing after a long flight.  Thank you so much!

On Oct 13, 2018, at 23:35

"Elisa did an outstanding job. Thanks. Perfect!"

On August 27, 2018 at  20:30

"An excellent experience, Jessica was very good, a great massage. Thank you for arranging"

On August 26, 2018 at 15:00

"Elisa is a very polite and kind person.  Excellent service quality right from the time she met me at the reception until the time she saw me off. She is a very good conversationalist as well, which made me feel very comfortable during the therapy.  Many thanks once again."

On July 1, 2018 at 08:33

"I had my first experience with Tantric Massage. Scheduling an appointment was easy and the lady over the phone was professional, kind, and respectful throughout the whole conversation. She was also very considerate of my privacy. I told her I had not tried their services before and they sent Eliza, one of the best masseuse around. Eliza arrived on time and proceeded to give me first a professional massage, focusing on the sore areas and helping me to relax. Thankfully I scheduled for a 90 minute session and there was absolutely no rush :) In fact, Eliza was attentive of all my needs throughout the whole session. She then undressed enough so that I could admire her wonderful body. The transition to tantric massage was seamless. I loved how she placed her body against mine and whispered into my ears. This was one of the most satisfying and erotic experiences I had, and of course I exploded into pure bliss. Really amazed by her training and skills. She was able to please, while at the same time get me to respect her boundaries. Will definitely return."

On Mar 19, 2018 at 22:45

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